5 Best UPI Apps in India [New Edition]

UPI becomes the most popular and easiest way to do the transaction in India by these best UPI apps. It revolutionized the money transfer ways in India. In September 2019, UPI(Unified Payment Interface) transactions grew 4% to 955M and about Rs 161,456.56 Cr transacted. It is a huge amount which transacted by the people just through their only mobile phone.

Number of transactions in September 2019 in India via UPI
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What is UPI

UPI is the real-time money transfer system developed by NPCI(National Payments Corporation of India). UPI’s full name is Unified Payment Interface. It used for quick money transfer from your bank account to another bank account just by sharing an ID. It is free, faster, safe, and secure.

Why UPI?

UPI is the easiest way to make the payment from the mobile phone without sharing bank details. It works faster and instant as compared to IMPS and NEFT. You don’t need to share your bank details to receive money or send money.BHIM UPI App

How UPI Works?

How works through a unique ID called UPI ID. This UPI ID linked with your bank account. Whenever you need to receive money directly in your bank account, you need to share your UPI ID instead of bank account number and IFSC. The UPI system will transfer your money to your bank account in just a few seconds.

Best UPI Apps

Here is the list of best UPI apps in India –

1. PhonePe App

PhonePe App | UPI App in India
©PhonePe App

PhonePe App is one of the best UPI apps in India. PhonePe has over 100 million users in India. It crossed 2 billion transactions in April 2019. This app is available in 11 languages. It is the best UPI payment system and provides most of the advance UPI payments service. It supports more than one bank UPI in a PhonePe account.

More than transactions, you can do mobile recharge, bill payments, bus ticket booking, rail ticket booking, cab booking, shopping, and lots more.

Here are the best five great things in PhonePe-

Quick Money Transfer

PhonePe seems to a bullet. It is faster. On the dashboard, you will see most of the standard features like money transfer, money request, recharge, bill payments etc.

From the dashboard, you can share money to others just by entering their mobile number or UPI ID. You can also send money by entering the bank account number and IFSC.

PhonePe is the only app which allows transferring money to your own another bank account. It is easy and faster than others. How money transferred fast is also depends on bank servers.

Easy InterfacePhonePe App

PhonePe as a familiar and straightforward interface. It has an eye-catching interface which helps to do money transfer easily.

A new person also can easily understand how to use it and how to do a transaction.

Easy Supports

The way of which PhonePe provides supports is very different than others. Whenever you got any problem during a transaction or after made a purchase, you will see a support option, share your question, leave it. After some times, you will get a response.

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2. Google Pay

Google Pay UPI App in India
© Google Pay

Google Pay(Tez) is a UPI app developed by Google. It is simple as like as chatting so why people don’t love it. Google Pay’s old name was Google Tez. It is only for Indian use means it is not for other country users. Unlike others, it does not have a wallet. All cashback credits the bank account directly.

Google gives cashback offers on every bill payment and transaction. It allows paying merchants.

Best Features of Google Pay

  1. Most Secure Apps – It comes with Google’s security. It is one of the highest rating UPI apps on Play Store.
  2. Tez Mode – Tez mode allows you to pay nearby without enter any UPI ID or mobile number. It is work on sound frequency.
  3. Request Money – You can also request money to others. You can also do chat before or after any transaction. You can send an invoice directly to the customer before they pay you.
  4. Instant Refund – UPI’s one of the most exciting feature is its refund process. All refund initiated instantly and directly in your bank account.
  5. Scratch Cards – Google Pay provides exciting offers on time on time by scratch cards. When you complete a task, it will give you a scratch card. After scratching, you will get your reward.

3. Paytm

Paytm UPI - Paytm BHIM UPI
© Paytm

Paytm is India’s most-used payment, mobile recharge, bill payment website and mobile app. You can send money from directly your bank account to another user’s bank account without any charges.

Paytm is the most trusted mobile wallets and is accepted by millions of merchants in India. It has the highest features compared to other apps including mobile recharges, bill payments, money recharges, banking services, mutual fund, buying gold, flight booking, bus ticket booking, online food ordering and lots of more.

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Best Features of Paytm

1. Big Marchant Network

Paytm is the app accepted by the highest number of merchant in India. Paytm has a big merchant network. Its works fast compared to others. Customer can pay via Paytm wallet, UPI, Paytm Payments Bank, Debit and Credit card.

2. Paytm Payments Bank

Paytm has its payments bank which offers zero balance saving bank account, whereas the user can get a 4% interest rate per annum. Payment bank can work as a regular saving bank account. Its comes with a virtual RuPay debit card for online transaction and shopping. The most thing is that you can easily add money to the Paytm wallet. You can use UPI for the bank account.

3. Hundreds of Services

Paytm provides the highest number of services among competitor. You can recharge your mobile, pay bills, pay nearby retailers, do a money transfer, book movie tickets, pay tolls, book train, bus, and air tickets etc.

4. Mobikwik

Mobikwik UPIMobikwik is one of the oldest mobile payments application. It also supports UPI in India. Mobikwiks has a smooth and eye-catching interface with modern UI. You can do a money transfer, money load, nearby payment send etc. by Mobikwik UPI.

It is not featured like Paytm but has some useful features like mobile recharge, bill payments etc.

Useful Features of Mobikwiks

Here are the best features of Mobikwiks –

1. Modern User Interface

I think Mobikwik has the best UI for UPI in among all of these Best UPI App. It is effortless and eye-catching. It has a dashboard where some popular option is available like UPI Payment via QR, money transfer, mobile recharge, bill payment etc.

2. Expense Manager

Mobikwik comes with an expense manager which tracks all of the digital transaction and makes records. At the end of the money, it will help you to manage your monthly budgets. Its also records previous months budgets.



BHIM UPI( Bharat Interface for Money UPI) is an official NPCI’s UPI app for making and receiving payments. It was initially released on 30 December 2016. National Payment Corporation of India develops BHIM UPI. It is a simple app for just sending money and receiving money.

5. Amazon Pay

Amazon PayAmazon has launched its wallets called Amazon Pay. We can use this money on various merchant like Swiggy, Rapido etc. Amazon Pay supports UPI and can be used to send money via UPI ID, bank account, mobile number, QR Code scan.

Unlike PhonePe and Paytm, Amazon Pay is not too advanced but has some basic options, e.g. mobile recharge, bill payments etc. and can be used as a payment method. You also can load money to Amazon Pay Wallet via UPI. Amazon Pay wallet is simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, Amazon Pay does not have a separate app, and it is available for use in the Amazon app.



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