10 Most Useful Android Apps for Daily Life

There are a lot of most useful Android apps in the market which help you to make your daily life simple. These Mobile applications made a revolution in technology. Let’s know the 10 Most Useful Android Apps for Daily Life. Check out SoftGoza to learn how to download these apps

The mobile phone has a crucial role in our daily life and apps are making it worth it. From social media to utility apps, everything has its own role on our phones. But, not every app you know is useful! Yes, I have a list of some most useful Android apps that are going to completely change your life and make it easy.

Most Useful Android Apps

The Most Useful Android Apps for Daily Life

Here are the 10 most useful apps for Android that make your life easier –

1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a free document scanner and PDF maker application by Adobe. It scans any document and image using the phone’s camera and easily enhance, arrange, crop and convert them to PDFs. We can scan multiple PDFs and also store them on online cloud storage called Adobe Cloud.

It is an important app for those who like to keep notes and work with documents in daily life. Adobe Scan is a free mobile application that turns your mobile into a portable scanner. Users can easily scan documents, images, business cards and notes. Users can also edit text from documents after scanning.

Features of Adobe Scan:

  • Free and Fast
  • Automatic Cropping
  • Edit text in scanned documents
  • Online Sync to Adobe Cloud

2. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most useful apps in the market. Google Translate is a free app that helps to translate words, phrases and keywords in more than 100 languages worldwide.

It is a free and ads-free app by Google. It can be downloaded from the Play Store. But you can use iTranslate, Microsoft Translator instead of Google Translate.

Features of Google Translate:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • More than 100 Language
  • Faster
  • Translate via the phone camera

3. Grammarly

Spelling and grammar mistake has always had a bad impression. So never make these mistakes again because Grammarly helps you find your grammar and spelling mistakes. Grammarly is available on Android as a free Keyboard. Grammarly Keyboard can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Features of Grammarly:

  • Free
  • Available in cross-platform

4. Google Photos

We all want to capture memories and save them, but storage is a significant problem. We always need to upload all the captured images manually one by one to Drive.

A list of Android Apps for Daily Work

But, Google Photos is different. It automatically uploads your image to Google Photos and save them for you. Google Photos is free and come with unlimited online Photos Storage. It is powered by AI(Artificial Intelligence) which does a lot of work for you.

Automatically uploading the image to Google Photos on a local mobile data network is not enabled by default. You need to enable it from Google Photos settings.

Features of Google Photos:

  • Free and Fast
  • Unlimited Storage(High Quality)
  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • AI-Powered
  • Organise photos by personalising

5. LastPass Password Manager

Most Useful Android Apps

LastPass is a password manager app for Android, Windows, iOS, Chrome and Firefox. LastPass generate and save password on various website securely. It comes with a free and paid plan. You can easily import the password to LastPass and manage them. It is an amazing, powerful and secure application.

Features of LastPass:

  • Free and Secure
  • Available on cross-platform
  • Easy to use and manage the password.

6. Maps

Maps (Google Maps) is an amazing application for finding directions, nearby places, real-time traffic and location. Believe us, it is a very useful app these days. You can easily find and location on Google Maps. Google Maps is a 100% free app by Google. It is a pre-loaded application on Android devices but if not, then you can download it from the Play Store by clicking here.

Features of Maps:

  • Big collection of information
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • A ton of features

7. Google Assistant

A list of daily life android apps

Google Assistant is an AI-based personal assistant that does a lot of stuff. Google Assistant can remember your things, find you navigate, save notes, open applications, play music, give the answer, find results and a lot more without touching a single word on the keyboard and just by voice. You just need to say “Ok Google” and give the order. Google Assistant can also remember only your voice.

Features of Google Assistant:

  • Free
  • AI-Powered
  • Amazing functionality
  • Can do a ton of stuff

8. Paytm

Paytm is India’s biggest mobile wallet. Paytm has the biggest merchant network in India. You can easily pay money from your wallet to the merchant.

You can recharge, book movie tickets, pay the bill, book rail tickets and a lot more. You can also transfer money to another bank account from Paytm Bhim UPI.

Features of Paytm:

  • Big merchant network in India
  • Secure and trusted by RBI
  • A lot of features


9. Xender

The Perfect Android Apps for Daily Work

Xender is a file transfer application that allows sharing of files between 2 devices without a data connection. It is working with Wifi and Hotspot. Xender is a free tool.

It is available on most OS like iOS so you can transfer your file cross-platform.

Features of Xender:

  • Available in cross-platform
  • Work without mobile data
  • Easy to use

10. JioSaavn

Saavn (JioSaavn) is an online music streaming platform where users can listen to music online with high quality and also save them offline. It has a big collection of over 50 million songs across Bollywood, English, Hindi, independent artists, and Indian regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and more.

Download JioSaavn Free –

You can choose Gaana, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Hungama Music instead of JioSaavn.

Features of JioSaavn:

  • Largest Songs collection
  • Personalised Playlist
  • Free Plan Available
  • Regional Language
  • Available on Windows PC

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