Indian are searching How to download Tik Tok Apk

How to download Tik Tok Apk

After asking Google and Apple to remove Tik Tok Apk from their app store, Tik Tok fan is searching How to download Tik Tok Apk? TikTok is officially removed by Google and Apple from their App Store but still can be downloaded from some websites.

Tik Tok Removed

The Indian Government had asked to remove Tik Tok. The Tik Tok app has withdrawn from the App Store and Google Play Store. The existing user can still use the app but the new user cannot download the app from official app stores.

The government ordered Android and iOS to remove the Tik Tok app so the user can’t download the Chinese Tik Tok Apk. Hence, Tik Tok is no more available for download on the official website and Play Store. But the service is still running and the pre-installed user can use the app without any issue.


How Tik Tok Banned in India

Actually, after the order of the court, Tik Tok has removed from only some app stores like Google Play Store and Apple’s app store. But this does not mean that users can not use Tic Tok. The only new user can’t download Tik Tok App from Play Store. TikTok is still operable for the existing user.

Why Indians are searching “How to download Tik Tok Apk”

TikTok has been removed from the Play Store but can be downloaded from other third-party apk stores. So people search on Google ” How to download Tik Tok Apk”.

How to download Tik Tok Apk

Downloading Tik Tok from a third-party website may be harmful. But people are still searching “Tik Tok Apk” on Google. The new user can search “Tik Tok Apk” on Google and Download Tik Tok App from third-party websites such as and

5 step for download Tik Tok Apk –

  1. Go to this link or search ‘Tik Tok Apk‘ on Google.
  2. Go to the given website.
  3. Click on the download button and download the app.
  4. Go to Settings and switch on ‘Install Unknown Apps’.
  5. Install the downloaded Tik Tok apk [step 3].

Note: Be careful, You are going to download an apk from an untrusted website. It may contain viruses.


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