How to Get Fast Index Your Website in Google

Learn the Google Index API strategies to get fast index in Google. After using the strategy, your post will come on Google instantly. [Read this in Hindi]

Best 3 Way to Get Fast Index in GoogleGoogle takes about 24 hours to index a website and shows But today I will show you the trick which definitely helps you get your website index fast.

Before getting started, you make sure the given point-

  1. You have submitted the sitemap to the search engine
  2. You have an SEO Plugin(Rank Math SEO)
  3. You have a WordPress website(Self Hosted)

The Best Tips for Getting Website Fast Index

1. URL Inspection on Search Console

Google Search Console is the powerhouse of Google indexing. Google Search Consol helps you to manage your websites for indexing and management.

Google Search Console provides the tool which helps you index your website faster.

URL inspection is the tool which requests Google to index the page faster.

How to use the URL inspection toolURL Inspection - Best Way to Get Fast Indexing in Google

STEP 1. Go to the Search Consol and select the property

STEP 2. Go to the URL Inspection Tool and enter the link


Done! Now, wait some time. Your post will be soon on Google after indexing. Google spider will check the link and make your website’s link in searching priority for indexing.

2. Sitemap Submission

Sitemap submission is the most important for getting your post on search engines regularly. There is no doubt that without submitting a sitemap Google will not display your website’s post on the search engine.

A sitemap is a file which includes all links of the website for example post’s URL, pages, images, video etc.

How to generate a sitemap on WordPress

On WordPress, generating a sitemap is easier. There are a lot of plugins is available to create a sitemap of the blog/website

Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, All-in-one SEO are some famous SEO Plugin which helps to create the sitemap. These plugins automatic create sitemap without touching the keyboard.

3. Google Index API

What is the Google Index API? Google Index API is a plugin file which sends a request to Google for instant index your article on it. Google Index API plugin works with Rank Math SEO Plugin.

How to setup Google Index API on WordPress site-

Follow the steps to set up Google Index API –

3.1 Download Google Indexing API Plugin

  1. Click here to download the new Google Index API file
  2. Go to the WordPress dashboard > Plugin > Add new and upload the file
  3. Activate the plugin

3.2 Get an Indexing API

Go to the Google API Console and create a new project

You need to create and a new project in Google API Console for getting an API key which needed in the plugin. So follow the steps-

  1. Create an API ProjectClick here and click on continue
  2. Confirm API Enabled – If you see the following screen then the project is created. Now you close the tab.
    Get Fast Index in Google
  3. Create a service account – After creating a project, create a service account by click here after that select the project which was created before.Get Fast Index in Google
  4. Get Service Account ID – After selecting the project, click on ‘Create Service Account’ and enter the project details as given in the below screenshot. Before hit on the ‘Create’ button, you copy the whole ‘Service Account ID’ which is looking like an Email ID.Get Service Account ID - Get Fast Index in Google
  5. Change role to Owner – On the next page, you change the role to the owner. Now click on ‘continue’.Change role to Owner - Get Fast Index in Google
  6. Create Key – Now click on the ‘Create Key’ after the click on ‘JSON’ and final now do final click on ‘Create’.Create Key - Get Fast Index in Google

Now you get a JSON file which is required in future.

3.3 Add the Service Account as an owner in Google Search Console Property

It is a step where you add the API as an owner in your Google Search Console property.

  1. Go to the Google Search Console and select your property if promoted.
  2. Now go to the Settings option.Google Search Console - Get Fast Index in Google
  3. Go to the Users and Permissions and hit the ‘ADD USER’  button.Google Search Console - Get Fast Index in Google
  4. Now enter the ‘Service Account ID’ which you copied before. (Make sure permission is selected ‘Full’)Google Search Console 3 - Get Fast Index in Google
  5. Now click on the ADD button.

All done in Search Console. Now comes on the final step.

3.4 Configure the Plugin

Follow the steps to configure Google Index API –

  1. Open your site’s WordPress dashboard and navigate to Rank Math > Indexing API Setting.
  2. Upload the JSON file which you got downloaded before
  3. Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button

All done! Now your Google Index API plugin is ready. You can use is by going to Rank Math > Index API Console.

If you have any problem about “Google API Strategy to Get Fast Index in Google” then you can ask via comment section. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Should this method be used along with the WordPress Update Services ping list, (Dashboard > Settings > Writing > Update Services), or should the ping list be empty when you use an API?

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