10 Best WordPress Rating Plugin with Start Rating

10 Best WordPress Rating Plugin with Start RatingAre you looking for the best WordPress rating plugin to show rate system in a search engine? You are in the right place. Here we’re going to introduce you to the best rating plugin for WordPress to show star rating rich snippets in Google. This all Best WordPress Review plugin powered by Google Rich Snippets.

In this article, we’re going you to tell you the best review plugin for WordPress which is compatible with Google Rich Snippets.

Why Use WordPress Rating Plugin?

WordPress Rating plugin helps the website owner to listen to the exact voice of the audience about how your content good is.

By the help of these best WordPress Reviews plugin, you can show the exact information to the search engine like rating, review, product price and information.

WordPress Review Plugin helps to show full product information like pricing, stock availability etc in Google Search Engine. It will be easy for you touching no code, to showing rich snippets.

Best Rating Plugin for WordPress

1. WP Review Pro

WP Review ProWP Review Pro comes with 16 pre-build customizable rating temples. This plugin makes reviews very easy, just choose to rate type, enter rating data and done.

The WP Review supports 14 different rich snippets in its pro version. It has a free version which has some little function but the pro version is better. You can choose any rating type you desired. You can show user rating, visitor star rating, comment rating, product review, etc.

This plugin is perfect for a review website. Is has multiple rating style including thumbs rating, start rating, number ratings and so more. You can also try their free version.

2. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews - WordPress Star Rating PluginAs its name is, so is his work. This is a WordPress star rating plugin, which helps to get customer review and show them as rich snippets on Google.

This ‘Best Star Rating Plugin for WordPress’, allow to set up a review page where user come and give their review, testimonial and customer thoughts, etc.

To stop unwanted spam rating has an anti-spam system which helps to reduce unwanted spam rating and review. You can moderate every review to show a specific review only. You can edit the review and also date too. As an admin, you can leave your response to for every rating.

This plugin is easy to customizable. You can show only the specific option to the website which you want. And you can show it anywhere on any page on your website by a shortcut.

3. KK Star Ratings

KK Star Rating plugin comes with the support of Google Rich Snippets. It has an amazing user-interacting animation effect when the mouse goes on the stars.

The plugin supports structured data so Google rich snippets showing the star ratings in search results which have the potential to drive more traffic to your website.

This plugin has a top rating widget so you can show your website’s top-rated page in sidebar and footer.

The KK Star Ratings plugin has 4 stars of 5-star rating in the WordPress directory with over 90 thousand live installations.

By KK Star Ratings Plugin, you can choose where to show star rating, they can show it in the post, on the page, in homepage, in custom post types, etc.

4. YASR- Yet Another Star Rating

yet-another-star-rating | yasr YASR’s full name is Yet Another Star Rating, which offers to add rating system on WordPress. This SEO-friendly plugin allows a user to give testimonial and reviews on your website. The focus of the plugin is to improve user experience and website interface.

This plugin creates a multiple rating system and integrates the ratings to show in the Google Search Engine.

Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating has over 20,000 active installations with 4.5 ratings of 5 stars on WordPress.org This plugin is a good way to add SEO-friendly user rating and testimonial on your WordPress website.

5. Reviewer

Reviewer WordPress Review PluginAdding a comparison table and review is a simple task with this reviewer plugin. You can easily add a comparison table, rating and reviews in post and pages on your site with this plugin.

The plugin comes with customizable review temples which are easy to edit and look beautiful. Every temple is responsive and mobile-friendly so it can be easily fit on every device including a mobile phone.

This plugin has a Google reCaptcha integration to stop unwanted ratings and spam. With user-generated reviews, you can allow to them upload images with their reviews and testimonial.

The price of the Reviewer WordPress plugin is near $28 for codecanyon. It has different rating style like bar rating, star rating etc.

6. WP Product Review Lite

The Best WordPress Plugin for Product Review

WP Product Review Lite is a FREE review plugin to insert product review on your website. The plugin comes with cool functionalities to show your opinion on that product. You can show pros and cons, show rating, product image and so more by this plugin.

Is supports call-to-action to increase your sales. It also has a pro version which comes with more functionalities like visitor rating and short code supports.

After installing, the product review can easily add. You can also add a download now or buy now button with the review.

7. Multi Rating

Multi-Rating WordPress PluginMulti Rating Plugin allows for adding multiple rating and review on the WordPress website. This plugin also can be used for survey, poll, and quizzes.

The plugin comes with short code supports and widgets, which shows average and total rating as stars rating, percentage, and radio. It has a pro version which comes with more functionalities.

8. Rating-Widget Plugin

Rating Widget - The Best WordPress Star Review PluginThis plugin is worth to try if you want to simply add 5-star rating on your website. You can add a simple star rating in posts, pages, the comment section, WooCommerce Product page, bbPress forum etc with this Rating-Widget Plugin.

This is a GDPR ready plugin which also has a premium version which has more cool features.

9. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate-Blocks - Plugin for WordPress Review and RatingUltimate Blocks is a powerful Gutenberg plugin which has 15+ custom Gutenberg blocks for bloggers and marketers. Review box is one of the unique blocks in its 15 custom Gutenberg blocks.

You can add an awesome review box on your site with this ‘Ultimate Blocks plugin. This review box is compatible with the schema, which means you easily show stars rating in Google by it.

10. GD Rating System

GD-rating-systemThis is a simple yet modern rating plugin to add rating system in your WordPress site. It has a feature which split into different add-ons and rating methods. We can use this plugin for rating anything on your website.

In this plugin, you can enable over one rating time on your site and show them in anywhere on your site by short code too. It also has a pro version which offers more rating system.

So, these all are the Best WordPress Rating plugin with Google Rich Snippets Compatible to attracting more traffic from Google, Bind, and Yahoo.