The 10 Best Free Web Hosting of 2020

The 10 Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Looking for a Best Free Web Hosting Sites to create a website, here is the list of the Best Free web hosting India, which offers you free web hosting. Some sites provide free web hosting and domain.

Valuable guide before going with Free Hosting Plan

Web Hosting is not always free. The hosting provider must need to pay for the resources that you use. So think why a hosting provider pays money for you. Buy a cheap hosting is a better decision than go with free hosting.

When looking for the best free web hosting, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. There are a lot of companies on the internet that offer suitable free hosting, and all you have to do is compare the rates and see which one is best for you. However, there are also some key aspects that you need to consider when deciding which web hosting plan is best for you. These factors include reliability, price, support, features, etc.

First, determine what you want to host. Do you want to host personal web pages, or do you want to run a blog? If you are looking to host your pages, then you must get a service that offers limited features such as email accounts and FTP access only. Its is to ensure that you will not have any issues with technical support while you are developing your web pages.

Second, what is the capacity of the server that you are going to use for hosting? Its depends on how much traffic you are expecting to receive from the visitors. You have to make sure that you get a host that can handle your traffic needs and can provide enough bandwidth for the visitors.

Next, check whether the host has a dependable package. Even if you get a plan that is very good for the money, if it breaks down for any reason, then you will have to pay a high cost to get the same service again. If you are looking for a great hosting plan, make sure that the one you choose is reliable and long-lasting. In this case, always make sure that the one you are looking for is backed by a great company that guarantees the package for at least two years.

Finally, find out what the support is like. If you are willing to pay for the hosting package, then it would be beneficial to know that there is a dedicated support team available for the clients. They will always be there for you and will answer your questions. They will also be in touch with you to resolve any issues you might encounter. The free web hosting service must have a readily available support team.

While these are all essential factors that you have to consider when searching for the best free web hosting, it is still up to you to decide which of the plans you are going to pick and determine if you are comfortable with the one you are using. Thus, take all the points mentioned above into consideration when choosing the plan that suits your needs the best.

Before you find the best free web hosting, make sure that you do a little research and check the reviews and feedback that the company has on its website. It is also recommended that you visit the customer support page for the web hosting services that you are considering.
So, I always recommend you to buy a cheap hosting plan instead of choosing a free hosting with a domain.

But you are here to look the best free web hosting in India to create a website, So I have picked some best open web hosting with domain in India. These all hosting tested with a different parameter like free supports, Auto Installer, Free Site Builder, Disk Space, Community user reviews, control panel, and Free Hosting performance.

List of Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

best Free Hosting in India

1. is the best free hosting site in this best free hosting sites list. Viewen offers open web hosting with CPanel. provides Unlimited Storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL certificate, Auto Installer, Unlimited SQL Databases, Free Support, complete ad-free, and a lot of more.

They also have some paid plan, but I only recommend you to try their free hosting plan.

Unfortunately, to avoid spam, Viewen offers unlimited free hosting but no support free domain like .tk ml, ga, etc. You need to have a registered domain like .com, in, org, co, online, etc.

Viewen is no longer have a free hosting plan


  • Excellent support via ticket. Free Unlimited web hosting Free cPanel


Sometimes the website goes down. The resource quality is poor. I explained why in the next paragraph.

I belives, Viewen is an excellent free web hosting site. But as I experienced, this is not good for those who want to use WordPress CMS. Because If you log in your WordPress panel, cPanel shows high CPU use. And this is the answer of I said resource quality is poor.

If you want to a just simple personal site, then it is the right and best choice as the best free hosting site builder.

I recommend you to read our this best cheap web hosting sites list.

InfinityFree - Free Web Hosting with Domain

2. Infinityfree

Infinityfree is one of the most using the free hosting site in India. It is an unlimited free web hosting site.

Infinityfree is an entirely free website hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Free Unlimited Website Hosting for over six years.

You can host up to 3 accounts here. It offers free web hosting with the domain.


  • Ultimately Free
  • Free subdomain
  • Host Any Domain
  • Quick activation


  • Showing ads in cPanel
  • No supports as Viewen provides
  • A limitation to file size upload

Opinion on Infinity

Overall this is excellent free web hosting services. You can try their free hosting option.

3. is another best using a free hosting site similar to Infinity free hosting. It is just the same as Infinity free but doesn’t have a great community which Infinity free have.

It supports up to 3 free hosting accounts, including free unlimited disk, unlimited bandwidth, and free email accounts. I’m not sure that is will support free domains like Infinity have, but overall, this is a good alternative of Viewen and others.


  • Ultimately Free
  • Free subdomain
  • Quick activation


  • Showing ads in cPanel
  • No supports as Viewen provides
  • A limitation to file size upload

4. 000webhost one of the best free hosting providers for a long time. 000webhost is quick and fast to start and free. Another way, this is not so good as the others above but right for learning.

Its free pack has 1000 MB storage, 10GB bandwidth, control panel (not cPanel), WordPress Auto installer, Free Website Builder, etc.


  • Quick to start
  • A long time in the industry


  • Shows 000webhost branding
  • Fundamental limited function
  • No cPanel
  • Sometimes go shutdown

My Opinion for 000webhost

It is good but not satisfying free web hosting. I never tell you to try this because create a website with 000webhost is a not right choice.

5. is suitable for those who interested to create a blog. It is free and not take over 5 minutes to get started.

You need not worry about downtime. I recommend this if you want to create a free blog. You will get a free sub-domain ( as well.

6. KatyaWeb

Katyaweb is not a free hosting provider, but it gives the user to test their services. KatyaWeb provides a free 3-month trial of their shared hosts. This not required any payment details, for example, debit or credit card.

Katyaweb provides free 1 GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, free support, Free SSL certificate, and a lot of more.

Overall, this is good for a beginner. You want to start your WordPress site, and then it can help you get free hosting without pay.

7. 5gbfree.Com

As the website name is, 5gbfree offers a 5GB free hosting space where you can install WordPress and whatever you like to do. It gives user 20GB bandwidth, which is enough for starting user.

It also offers 1 FTP account, 3 MySQL Databases, Free CPanel hosting, Forum based support, etc.


  • No Ads
  • cPanel


  • No Direct Support
  • Limited Disk and Bandwidth

8. Hyperhost

Hyperhost free hosting provider provides Free SSD Hosting. As I saw on their site, they have three types of Free SSD Hosting plan. I think why they have three free plans wheres the user will always choose a great plan!

Anyway, Hyperhost have three free SSD web hosting plan-

  1. 1 GB Storage + 1 website
  2. 7 GB + 10 websites
  3. 15 Gb + 20 websites


  • SSD Disk
  • Multiple Data Center
  • Free Chat Support


  • Limited Function
  • No free SSL
  • No information available on site about cPanel

9. AwardSpace.Com

AwardSpace allows to host up to 4 websites where three will be sub-domain. They offer 1Gb disk, 5Gb monthly bandwidth.


  • Instant Activation
  • No Ads
  • Auto Installer
  • 24/7 Support


  • Limited Disk and Bandwidth

10. U Host Full Free Hosting provides Unlimited free web hosting. It offers Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Virus Scanner, etc.


  • Unlimited Disk and Bandwidth
  • Instant Activation
  • No-forced-ads


  • No information is available about support on their site.

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Conclusion on Free Web Hosting of 2020

All these hosting is right on their statement, but the most I liked is Infinityfree and KatyaWeb.If you want to start a website but don’t want to pay right now, then I suggest you try KatyaWeb Free three Month Trial.

If your mind will change in the future, you can quickly move on to another hosting or can upgrade your plan. If you like “The Best Free Web Hosting India” article, please share it to Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to share your thoughts on the comment section.


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