How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress

Honestly, no one wants to get the reply after 48 hours. No one wants to wait. Here we will know How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress.How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress 1

Why Free Live Chat?

No one wants to wait. No one wants to get a response after 48 hours. So Live chat allows the user to live chat with the support team for better customer satisfaction. Live chat software also helps to collect the customer’s information for service improvements and to increase sales. It’s 100% free Live Chat System.

Free Live chat provides a more personalized and instant support system for the customer. The customer can easily connect and share their problems with the support executive. Live chat system boots conversation rate and also the sales rate.

Importance of Live Chat System

Live chat provides a more personalized and real-time supports system for your visitors. So your customer can easily clear their doubt in real-time. Clients can also put contact information to contact them later.

Free Live Chat System boots conversation rates and sales rates.

The Best Free Live Chat Provider

The Best Free Live Chat provider is and HubSpot CRM. Both are free and comes with a lot of free features. and HubSpot CRM are 100% free for forever.

  1. – It is a 100% free Unlimited Chat System for the website. According to their WordPress plugin page, over 2,200,000+ user use the for free without any spam and ads. A simple branding will appear in Free Live Chat System. But you can remove it by their paid plan but Tawk never forces you to buy a paid plan. There is no limitation for user and chats. HubSpot CRM – It’s is also a 100% free which designed to organise effortlessly. It comes with a lot of feature including to free live chat for WordPress and live tracking. HubSpot Free CRM is actually designed for small business.How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress 2 provides unlimited chat windows in their free version. Their customer support is also good. The WP Live chat system of Live Chat Solutions is compatible for all devices including mobile devices.

How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress Website

Adding Live chat to WordPress is got more simple with WordPress. Both HubSpot CRP and have their Live Chat Plugin for WordPress so the user can add Free Chat System with touching any code.

Add Live Chat with on WordPress

Step 1 – Go to this link and Sign up.How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress 3

Step 2 – Fill Website Name and Site URLHow to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress 4

Step 3 – Click on Install Widget

Step 4 – Install WordPress Livechat Plugin on your WordPress Site

Step 5 – Go to in Setting in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 6 – Sign in with your Email and Password.How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress 5

Step 7 – Select the property and click on Save Setting.

Now Tawk Free Live Chat added on your site. Please clear cache and refresh the website. Use to response and manage you all clients.

Add Live Chat with HubSpot CRM on WordPress

Step 1 – Install the HubSpot All-In-One Marketing Plugin on your WordPress.

Step 2 – Create an account and fill Website Address with the name

Step 3 – Go to the link and sign in.

Step 4 – Go to the Conversation > Chatflow

Step 5 – Customize the Chatflow and Click on Publish.

Now clear cache and refresh your website. A live chat system will be on your website.

Which Plugin I use for Chat System

I recommend you to use because it is free and easy to manage. It is made for Live Chat System for the business website. It is very easy to use and install. Not only WordPress site, but it also supports every type of site. It’s 100% free and safe.

Features of Free Live ChatHow to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress 6

1. Easy to setup

Tawk Free Live Chat is very easy to use. Its WordPress plugin makes it more simple.

2. Completely Free

Honestly, I love free service. Its free service is amazing and enough for a business. Only you need to pay when you want to remove their name in the chat system. Tawk earns money by giving 1$ per hour agent rant service.

3. Unlimited Agents

There is no restriction on make agent on tawk. It is unlimited free.

4. Built-in ticketing

You don’t need to open another page to create a ticket. provides inbuilt ticketing service you can easily open tickets for your client.

5. Secure Encryption

It is secure with an SSL Encryption. All your and your’s client information will be stored with encryption mode and never share any third-party.


Free Live Chat System helps the business website to collect information and solve customer’s problems in real-time. It boosts your sales and conversation rate. It saves the time of both, customer and yours. Both service providers have their Free Live Chat in WordPress so you can easily handle your customers without touching any single code.

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