Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO Plugin – Which is Best

Yoast SEO Plugin is the most popular SEO Plugin these days but another legend company MyThemeShop.com launched their SEO Plugin to fight the Best SEO Plugin War. I have used both plugin and doing the Rank Math SEO Plugin Review. With these, we will see which is the best between Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO Plugin. Is Rank Math can beat Yoast? can Rank Math be best SEO Plugin in this best SEO plugin war?Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO Plugin - Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO Plugin

Before we compare both plugins we must need to what are they provides. Here is a video that introducing Rank Math. Yoast is a legend SEO Plugin from a long time and the best choice of most of the blogger as SEO Plugin.

About Rank Math SEO Plugin

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress by MyThemeShop. Rank Math Plugin comes with most advanced features and functionality. Presently, it is available for free on MyThemeShop. Rank Math is getting more popular and if we see it’s crush on Google, a lot of people searching on Google with rank math plugin download query.


Rank Math SEO Plugin Download is free of cost. It can be downloaded from MTS official website.

Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO

So, you are waiting for this line because every blogger wants to know that which is the best SEO plugin between Rank Math and Yoast SEO. So let get started to know the best between Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO Plugin.


I believe that both plugins have an easy setup wizard. Additionally, if you are using Yoast SEO then Rank Math will import all Yoast setting like Focus Keyword etc. So here both plugins are equal and no one is the winner or loser.

User Interface

02-Rank-Math-User-InterfaceIf you look at the interface to use that also both are the simple user interface and I see that I didn’t face any problem to use. I am confusing that why MTS showed Yoast don’t have the clean user interface in their this post. So here also no one is the winner, both are equal.

Focus Keyword

Yoast Premium allows using up to 5 focus keyword but the free version allows only 1 focus keyword. But Rank Math is free and you can use up to 5 focus keyword. So here Rank Math is more powerful then Yoast, Rank Math is the winner.

Google Keyword Suggestion

This is one of the best features of Rank Math which I liked most. Rank math has inbuilt Google Keyword Suggestion when you will try to enter focus keyword. But Yoast doesn’t have this so one more here Rank Math is the winner.

Rich Snippet

Rank-Math-Rich-Snippet - Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO Plugin - Rank Math SEO Plugin ReviewRank Math comes with the in-built rich snippet function so you don’t need to install another plugin to show rating and review on Google. But Yoast here also doesn’t have rich snippet feature on any kind like this. Rank Math can show 14 type of rich snippet on Google without any other plugin including rating, article, book, software, person, video, event, book, music etc. Here one more Rank Math won on Yoast with this great feature.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is important for getting more traffic and both are able to do this so no one is the winner here.

Social Previews

You can see how your post will be shown on social media like Facebook and Twitter after publish but you need to pay money in Yoast because this is a premium feature in Yoast. This is available for Free on Rank Math so I do thumbs up for Rank Math.

Nofollow Link Control

Rank Math has better Nofollow link manager. It also adds an option to quick do nofollow link without touch HTML. So here one more I do thumbs up for Rank Math.

Support and Community

MyThemeShop’s Rank Math is new in Market and Yoast is top SEO Plugin on WordPress. Yoast has better support community. Rank Math also says to provide 27x7x365 support but this time I thumb up Yoast.

Image SEO

In Rank Math, we can see it is automatic add alt keywords in the image which Yoast does not provides

Content Analysis

Both provide a content analysis system for write SEO fully content.


Both plugin able to generate the sitemap for search engine submission.

404 Monitor and Redirect Manager

Yoast and RankMath plugin have redirect manager but RankMath has free and Yoast has paid. So here I vote Rank Math.

Result – So, my dear readers, I think you got the answer of who is best between Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO Plugin. Most of the advance feature of Yoast SEO is premium but Rank Math SEO Plugin is completely free.

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