6 Easy Ways to Open Blocked Sites Online for FREE

Many websites are banned in the country, so how do you access blocked sites online? How do open blocked sites online for Free? The government banned many websites including some adult sites but if you still access them on your computer then here are 6 proven methods to access any blocked website without paying any money.

Using a VPN is a good way to access blocked Web sites. Most methods have a specific setup and configuration prior to usage. Having this knowledge of the method does not require technical knowledge and even the grandmother can have it done on their own! We will share six easy tricks here which help you access blocked websites in India or everywhere in the World. We will go to use a VPN, proxy sites, and Tor Network for open blocked sites in India.

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How to access blocked sites?

Why are websites banned?

The Internet is for everyone, and anyone can access this. But some people use it for wrong work like piracy, spreading harmful content, and hate speech. So, to prevent it and misuse of the internet, Governments are banning many sites.

Note: This article is for education purpose only. We are sharing knowledge about ‘how you can access some website from anywhere.’ Here, we are not selling any product or promoting any adult thing. All the services e.g. VPN services, proxy sites are from external providers. We are just sharing information.

The government banned 1000s of websites last year, including some adult websites, proxy websites, porn websites, illegal video streaming sites, and torrent sites after the court order, and that’s why porn sites were blocked in India. These porn sites are banned because it is spreading child pornography, pornographic content, and sex videos, including Pornhub, xnxx, and XVideos in India.

These websites are now blocked. And the big ratio of the blocked site is porn sites. So, now people are searching on Google that ‘porn sites in India, how to watch porn in India, how to watch Pornhub in India, how to open porn sites, pornhub mirror site, how to open blocked sites’ because of currently XVideos not working in India, XVideos blocked, pornhub not opening, xnxx is blocked, XVideos not opening and pornhub blocked (Big number of people is searching ‘how to open pornhub(how to access pornhub) and how to open XVideos).

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Update: The government banned more sites in India. Still, the best porn sites in India returned by domain tweaking, and more people are searching “porn sites working in India, how to open XVideos, pornhub not opening, working porn sites in India, and how to open pornhub.”

How do you open blocked sites online for free?

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I found these easy ways to access blocked sites-

Method 1: Use a VPN

You can easily access and use the geo-based blocked site using a VPN service. VPN will hide IP addresses like 192.168.l.l and protect our personal information from attackers. You all need to download a VPN app on your device. Here is a list of the Best Free VPN app for you.

What is VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps a user to protect their privacy from the internet service provider(ISP) and the website owner where he visits. It connects your device to a virtual computer or server. All your data passes through this private network. So now, your real IP is masked by this new virtual private network’s new IP and others can only see that virtual computer’s IP.

Some VPNs are available free on the Play Store and App Store, whereas some are premium. Most are people who want to use VPN to open blocked porn sites, and that’s why they are searching “how to watch porn in India” on Google.

How to access blocked sites on your device –

Follow these steps to unlock any blocked sites and access them on your mobile phone and computer –

  1. Download a Warp VPN App.
  2. Open the VPN app and click on the ‘next’ button.
  3. Accept privacy policy
  4. Tap on Connect button.

Everything is done. Now you can easily access a blocked site Access Blocked Sites Online Anywhere For Free. No matter where you are, you can unblock any website using a VPN app. Even unblock websites at school, and access blocked websites at the office or anywhere.

Best VPN to access blocked sites

Here are the best VPNs to access blocked sites from anywhere for free –

Warp VPN (

Warp VPN is by large internet giant Cloudflare. It is a built VPN for security and privacy without spending money from your pocket. It also has a paid plan but you can use it for free.

Warp VPN App for mobile and computer
Warp VPN

VyprVPN is known for security and privacy without keeping a log. It’s helpful to browse privately from internet restrictions.

Features –

  • Secure and Powerful Connections
  • 70+ Worldwide Server Locations
  • No-log VPN provider
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • IP Address Protection

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs on the planet that is known for privacy, security, and online freedom. It helps to hide us from ads and online trackers.

Features –

  • Strict no-log policy
  • 5100+ worldwide server
  • 24×7 support
  • Fast Speed
  • World-Class Security

Method 2: Try a Proxy Site for Open blocked sites without a VPN

Open Blocked Sites using Proxy Site

It’s another instant method for access to any site, downloading no external application on your device. You can access any blocked website via a unblock websites proxy. There is a lot of free web proxy site available on the internet, for example, proxysite.com, etc.

How to access a blocked website via a proxy site –

  1. Go to the proxy site.
  2. Enter the URL of which site you want to access
  3. Choose a server and hit enter.

Best proxy server to access blocked sites

Here is the list of the best proxy servers to open blocked websites for free.

  • ProxySite.com – Free Web Proxy Site
  • Smartproxy
  • Proxy Site – Access to any website any time anywhere
  • Hide.me

Benefits of open blocked sites in India with proxy

The essential benefits of proxy service are it is an effortless way to access any website by downloading no external application. The user can anonymously surf the internet using an anonymous web proxy.

If we come on the security, I can’t assure you how much this is secure because it depends on the site you use for the proxy. It’s good to access a website for a short time, but not a wise step for online purchasing and surfing social networks.

Method 3: Via Google Translator

Google Translate is a tool for translating web pages into any other language, but we can use it to open blocked sites online.

How to use Google Translator for open blocked websites in India –

  1. Go to the Google Translator website.
  2. Choose your languages
  3. Enter the targeted website URL

Method 4: Install a VPN or proxy browser extension

To open blocked sites in Chrome, download the Hotspot Shield VPN extension. This extension opens blocked sites on Chrome Browser. It is a free tool that is available on the Chrome Web Store.

How to open blocked sites on Chrome –

Follow these easy steps to open blocked sites on Chrome with no issues –

  1. Download HotSpot Shield Extension
  2. Click on the hotspot Shield icon.
  3. Click on Connect button.
  4. Now, visit on-site to access them easily.

Now you can access blocked sites from your Chrome browser.

How to Open blocked sites in Firefox Browser?

In the same way, as we unlocked blocked websites on Chrome, thus, the same way we can open blocked sites in India on Firefox. You can use HotSpot Shield VPN on Firefox to access the blocked website. If you don’t like to use Hotspot Shield VPN, you can use another good VPN or a proxy. I recommend you to use this hotspot Shield VPN because I am using it for a long time, and I got no problem.

Method 5: Using Opera’s built-in VPN

Opera is one of the trusted browsers for a long time in the industry. They focused it on seamlessly browsing with privacy. So Opera browser comes with an in-built VPN feature that allows users to access any geo-based blocked site easily. The user doesn’t need to have any other application or any extension.

Features of Opera Browser –

  • Free and Fast Browser
  • Built-in Free Unlimited VPN
  • Built-in Adblocker
  • A lot more

Conclusion: You learned how you could open blocked sites in India via VPN and proxy in the article. Both ways are comfortable, but I suggest you try a VPN because it is more secure and easier for daily use.

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Method 6: Use TOR (The Onion Router)

Tor Browser

We know the Tor network for hiding user’s details on the Internet. Tor network takes you from multiple networks so no one can know your actual IP address and no one can locate you. Tor network is very famous and common among the hacker community and is mostly used by hackers.

On Computer –

Tor network is available to use on the computer as Tor Browser. Tor Browser is a free application that is available on its official website for downloading. You can anomalously browse the internet but it will a little slow down your internet speed. It is free for everyone.

How to access blocked sites in Chrome

Google Chrome browser is the world’s most popular web browser that comes with great privacy options. But it does not have a VPN option like Opera provides. But you can easily enable VPN service to access blocked sites in Chrome using the below steps –

  1. Visit Chrome Store and Find TunnelBear VPN.
  2. Click on Add to Chrome and install it in your browser
  3. Click on the VPN icon at the top right corner of your browser
  4. Create an account or sign in using email.
  5. Now choose your nearest server other than your country and click on connect.

You your VPN will start working and you can easily access any blocked website in your browser.

How to access blocked sites in India?

It blocked thousands of websites in India including porn websites, torrent websites, piracy websites etc. You can not access these blocked websites. But if you want to access blocked sites in India, then you can follow these steps –

  1. Download a VPN app on your mobile phone
  2. Install and open this app
  3. Click on the connect button and wait for the connecting.
  4. After a successful connection, open the browser and type the URL

Now you can access blocked sites in India and browse them easily.

How to access blocked sites without VPN?

Access blocked sites using a VPN is the safest way to open blocked websites. But, many of us don’t want to use a VPN app. So the good news is we also can access blocked sites without a VPN by following the steps –

  1. Open a proxy websites
  2. Now select your nearest server location
  3. Type website URL
  4. Tap on connect button

Using these steps, you can easily access and open blocked sites without a VPN application.


You must use a Virtual Private Network(VPN) application or proxy network to access and open any blocked website on your mobile phone, computer, tablet, or any device. By VPN, you can easily and privately access any blocked site in your country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access blocked websites in India?

There are many ways to access blocked websites in India. We can easily access blocked sites by using a VPN, web proxies, and open DNS.

How to open blocked sites by VPN?

We can open blocked websites by downloading a VPN app on our mobile phones.

What are the best free VPN apps?

Hotspot Shield, Secure VPN, Fast VPN, NordVPN, and TunnelBear are the best free VPN apps.

Which browser has an in-built VPN?

The Opera browser has an in-built VPN, which is free to use to access blocked sites.

Which browser is best for anonymous surfing?

A Tor browser or a premium VPN with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is the best for anonymous surfing and opening blocked sites.

How to unblock the Pornhub site?

Use a VPN to unblock the Pornhub site. Users can unblock any website using a Virtual Private Network(VPN).

Which are the best porn sites in India?

XVideos, XNXX, and Pornhub are the best porn sites in India. They are counted in the top ten porn sites in India and safe porn sites.

List of sites not banned in India.

1. Xvideos
3. pornhub
It does not ban these porn sites in India. You can access these sites using a secure VPN or secure proxies.

How do unblock porn sites?

1. Use a VPN (Safe way)
2. Use Opera Browser
3. Use web proxies (Not recommended)
4. Use Tor Browser (Slowest Method)

How to watch unblocked porn?

It is straightforward to unblock porn. Change xnxx.com to xnss.net to watch any unblocked porn.

how to access blocked sites in India?

1. Use a VPN (Safe way)
2. Use Opera Browser
3. Use web proxies (Not recommended)
4. Use Tor Browser (Slowest Method)

How to open blocked sites in India in Chrome

Use hotspot shield Chrome Extension to open blocked sites in India in Chrome.

How to open Pornhub?

Use a VPN app to open the Pornhub site. It is the easiest yet safest way to access Pornhub.

Is it safe to use VPN?

It is safe to use a trusted virtual private network. Always use a trusted and secure VPN. Mostly the secure VPN is premium.

Which is the fastest DNS?

Cloudflare is the fastest DNS (Domain Name System) on the earth. We know CloudFlare for privacy, security, and speed. Google DNS is also an excellent alternative to it.

How to unblock websites on Chrome without VPN?

Follow these steps –
1. Open proxy site website.
2. Type the blocked website’s URL.
3. Choose your nearest server location.
4. Hit the ‘Go’ button.
Now your blocked website will run smoothly on your Chrome without a VPN.

How to unblock websites on Chrome mobile

Follow these steps to unlock any blocked websites on Chrome mobile –
1. Download a Warp VPN App.
2. Open the VPN app and click on the ‘Next button.
3. Accept the privacy policy
4. Tap on Connect button.
Now the blocked websites will run smoothly on your Chrome mobile.


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