How to Open Blocked Sites In India for 100% FREE

The Indian government blocked thousands of website in India in the last some time. So here is the best way to open blocked websites in India.

Here we are going to discuss the three 3 which will unblock blocked websites in India. We will go to use VPN for open blocked sites in India.

Best 3 Way To Open Blocked Sites In India For FREE

India government banned a lot of websites last year including some adult websites, proxy website, porn website, illegal video streaming site, torrents sites after the court order.

You can not access these sites which are banned in India for all internet users after the order of the department of telecom. You need to unblock sites for access and use it. Here, we told you some best way to unblock websites to use them without any restriction and spend any money.

In this article, we unlocked websites by using the VPN method. If you are familiar with mobile than you definitely know what is VPN and how to VPN protect our privacy from the internet service provider(ISP) and website owner.

Virtual Private Network helps a user to protect their privacy from the internet service provider(ISP) and the website owner where he visits.

How to Open blocked sites on Android

Step 1: Download Thunder VPN for Android.

Step 2: Open the VPN app and select country(not India) by clicking on the country flag.

Step 3: Tap on the Connect button.

Now you can access blocked sites in India.

Thunder VPN

This is the ultimate fast and unlimited free VPN for Android. This VPN is easy to connect and comes with many countries VPN. So this our free tool Thunder VPN will open blocked sites.

Secure VPN – A high speed, ultra-secure VPN

Secure VPN is an unlimited free VPN service Lab Signal. It has 4.7 out of 5 ratings on the Google Play Store. It has a similar interface to Thunder VPN. I assure you will like it.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security

Hotspot Shield is one of the most trusted VPN in the market. If the point comes on security, this name will be always on the list. It has free and paid plans. It is also available as Chrome extension which is free of cost.

Not only thunder VPN, but you can also use SnapVPN, Hotspot Shield VPN, Turbo VPN, Secure VPNTunnelBear VPN etc. You can check the best FREE VPN list by click here.

Open Blocked Websites in Chrome

You love to browse your favourite website from your PC then you can unblock blocked sites on Chrome using VPN. Yes, you can also unblock blocked sites on the computer for free.

To unblock blocked website in Chrome, you use HotSpot Shield VPN extension. HotSpot Shield VPN extension can open blocked sites on Chrome Browser. It is a free tool which can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store.

How to open blocked sites on Chrome –

  1. Download HotSpot Shield Extension
  2. Click on the hotspot Shield icon
  3. Now click on Connect.

Now you can access blocked sites from your Chrome browser.

Open Blocked sites on Firefox

The same way as we unclocked blocked website on Chrome, thus the same way we can open blocked site in India on Firefox. You can use HotSpot Shield VPN on Firefox to access the blocked website. If you don’t like to use Hotspot Shield VPN then you can use another good VPN or use a proxy. I recommend you to use this hotspot Shiel VPN because I am using it for a long time and I never got any problem.

If your mind, VPN can secure your browsing data and your privacy.

Note: If you are using Jio4GVoice on android for making call and SMS, then you will fetch problem regarding making and receiving calls. So you must disable VPN after the use.

Access Website via Proxy Site

Acess Blocked Site in India via Proxy SiteThis is another instant method for access any site without download any external application on your device. You can access any blocked website via a proxy server. There is a lot of proxy site available on the internet, for example, etc.

How to access blocked website via a proxy site –

  1. Go to the proxy site
  2. Enter the URL which site you want to access
  3. Choose a server and hit enter

Benefits of open blocked sites in India with proxy

The most important benefits of proxy are it is a very easy way to access any site without download any external application. The user can anonymously surf the internet.

If we come on the security, I can’t assure you how much this is secure because it depends on the site which is using you are for proxy. It’s good for access a site for a short time but not a wise step for online purchasing.

Conclusion: You learnt how you can open blocked sites in India via VPN and proxy in the article. Both ways are easy but I suggest you try a VPN because it is more secure and easier for daily use.

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