Best 6 Ways to Open Blocked Sites In India

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The government blocked thousands of websites in India in the last some time. So here are the best five ways to open blocked sites in India.

Here we are going to discuss the three three-way about how to bypass government blocked sites, how to open blocked sites, which helps you to access blocked websites in India. We will go to use a VPN, proxy sites, and Tor Network for open blocked sites in India.

The government banned a 1000s of websites last year, including some adult websites, proxy websites, porn websites, illegal video streaming sites, torrent sites after the court order, and that’s why porn sites blocked in India. These porn sites banned because it is spreading child pornography, pornographic contents, and sex videos, including Pornhub, xnxx, and XVideos in India.

So, to stop child porn and the safety of the Indian girl, the Indian government banned more than 857 porn sites in India. User is unable to access these banned sites after the order of the Department of Telecom. We need to unblock sites for access and use it. Here, we told you some best ways to unblock websites to use them without any restriction and spend any money.

These websites are now blocked. And the big ratio of the blocked site is porn sites. So, now people are searching on google that ‘porn sites in India, how to watch porn in India, how to watch Pornhub in India, how to open porn sites, pornhub mirror site, how to open blocked sites’ because of currently XVideos not working in India, XVideos blocked, pornhub not opening, xnxx is blocked, XVideos not opening and pornhub blocked.

In this article, we unlocked websites by using the VPN method. If you are familiar with mobile, then you know what VPN is and how to VPN protect our privacy from the internet service provider(ISP) and website owner.

Virtual Private Network helps a user to protect their privacy from the internet service provider(ISP) and the website owner where he visits.

Update: 6 July 2020: Some blocked websites are opening in some browser.

Update: The government banned more sites in India. Still, the best porn sites in India returned by domain tweaking, and more people are searching “porn sites working in India, how to open XVideos, pornhub not opening, working porn sites in India, and how to open pornhub.”

How to Open Blocked Sites In India 

I found these ways to access blocked sites in India –

1. Using a VPN

You can easily access and use the geo-based blocked site using a VPN service. VPN will hide IP address and protect our personal information from the attacker. You all need to download a VPN app on your device. Here a list of Best Free VPN app for you

Some VPNs are available freely on the Play Store and App Store, where some are premium. Most are people who want to use VPN to open blocked porn sites, and that’s why they are searching “how to watch porn in India” on Google.

Follow the given steps to access blocked sites –

In Desktop –

In Desktop, MacBook and Windows, download the free HotspotShield VPN application on your device and enjoy sites.

In Mobile Phone –

In mobile, download and install a VPN application and open any blocked sites in India. Here are the steps to open the blocked site in India –

Step 1: Download a VPN App for Android.

Step 2: Open the VPN app and select the country (other than India) by clicking on the country flag.

Step 3: Press the Connect button.

Now you can easily access blocked sites in India for 100% free.

2. Using Proxy Site

Open Blocked Sites using Proxy Site

It is on another instant method for access any site without download any external application on your device. You can access any blocked website via a web proxy server. There is a lot of free web proxy site available on the internet, for example,, etc.

How to access blocked website via a proxy site –

  1. Go to the proxy site.
  2. Enter the URL which site you want to access
  3. Choose a server and hit enter.

Benefits of open blocked sites in India with proxy

The essential benefits of proxy service are it is an effortless way to access any website without download any external application. The user can anonymously surf the internet using an anonymous web proxy.

If we come on the security, I can’t assure you how much this is secure because it depends on the site which is using you are for proxy. It’s good to access a website for a short time but not a wise step for online purchasing and surf social networks.

3. Using Google Translator

Google translator is a tool for translate webpage into any other language, but we can use it to open blocked sites online.

How to use Google Translator for open blocked websites in India –

  1. Go to the Google Translator website.
  2. Choose your languages
  3. Enter the targeted website URL

4. Using Chrome Extension

To open blocked sites in Chrome, download the Hotspot Shield VPN extension. This extension opens blocked sites on Chrome Browser. It is a free tool that is available on the Chrome Web Store.

How to open blocked sites on Chrome –

  1. Download HotSpot Shield Extension
  2. Click on the hotspot Shield icon.
  3. Now click on Connect.

Now you can access blocked sites from your Chrome browser.

How to Open blocked sites in Firefox Browser?

The same way as we unlocked blocked websites on Chrome, thus the same way we can open blocked sites in India on Firefox. You can use HotSpot Shield VPN on Firefox to access the blocked website. If you don’t like to use Hotspot Shield VPN, then you can use another good VPN or use a proxy. I recommend you to use this hotspot Shield VPN because I am using it for a long time, and I never got any problem.

5. Using Opera Browser

Opera browser comes with an in-built VPN feature which allows user to access any geo-based blocked site easily. User doesn’t need to have any other application or any extension.

Conclusion: You learned how you could open blocked sites in India via VPN and proxy in the article. Both ways are comfortable, but I suggest you try a VPN because it is more secure and easier for daily use.

6. Using Tor Network

Tor Browser

Tor network is known for hiding user’s details on the Internet. Tor network takes you from multiple networks so no one can know your real IP address and no one can locate you. Tor network is very famous and common among the hacker community and mostly used by hackers.

On Computer –

Tor network is available to use on the computer as Tor Browser. Tor Browser is a free application which is available on its official website for downloading.

On Mobile –

Tor Browser for Android is free available on Play Store to download. You can get it from here.


1. How to access blocked websites in India?

There are many ways to access blocked websites in India. We can easily access blocked sites by using a VPN, web proxies, and open DNS.

2. How to open blocked sites by VPN?

We can open blocked websites by downloading a VPN app on our mobile phone.

3. What are the best free VPN apps?

Hotspot Shield, Secure VPN, Fast VPN, NordVPN, TunnelBear are the best free VPN apps.

4. Which browser has an in-built VPN?

The Opera browser has an in-built VPN, which is free to use for access blocked sites.

5. Which browser is best for anonymous surf?

Tor browser or a premium VPN with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is the best for anonymous surf and open blocked sites.

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