How to Open an Online Saving Bank Account without any physical documents

Open an Online Saving Bank AccountHow to open an online saving bank account

Hello there, I am Mukesh Patel from Today I will show you how you can open an online savings bank account with any physical documents. Thanks to Aadhaar. Anyone who has Aadhaar number with the registered mobile number and PAN number can easily open a bank account.


You don’t any physical document for your identity. If you will go to the bank then you must need to feel an application form, some physical document, some money and also passport size photos. After submit,
bank’s person manually verifies all that. But you don’t need any type of physical document to do so. All verification will proceed digitally by Aadhaar. Here you have to fill an online form and submit. After submission, your bank asks Aadhaar for your identification. Aadhaar sends you an one time password(OTP) to your registered mobile number and asks you to enter them. After doing all this, your account will be opened.

What do you need to open an account?

In this digital process, there is no requirement for any type of investment. Your account will be open in zero balance.

Where can you open a digital saving bank account?

There are lots of sources to open a saving bank account. Here, you can open with Paytm payments bank, Airtel payments bank, Yono SBI, ABPB etc. I recommend you to use SBI or Paytm.

Process for open a saving bank account in Paytm Payment Bank

Step 1. Download Paytm app and sign in or create an account.

Step 2. Go to Bank Section and click on apply for saving bank account or Full KYC.

Step 3. Fell all necessary information.

Step 4. Find nearest KYC Point via Paytm app.

Step 5. Go to Paytm KYC point and provide them with your Mobile Number, Aadhar Number and your biometric.

All Done. Your Paytm Saving Account will open within some time. Sometimes it takes up to 1 week. After account opened, you will be given an account number which will same as your mobile number, IFSC and a virtual RuPay Debit Card number for online use.

Process for open a saving bank account in Airtel Payment Bank

Step 1. Download and install the Airtel app from the Play Store.

Step 2. Create an account or sign in if you have already.

Step 3. Go to Airtel Money Section and update your profile.

Step 4. Go to the nearest Airtel store and ask them for a saving account.

Step 5. Provide them with your Aadhaar Card number and biometric.

All done. Your account will be opened shortly. You will be provided with a virtual debit card, free saving bank account all like Paytm. Airtel’s saving bank account interest rate is high than Paytm’s saving bank account. But here you can’t apply for a physical debit card.

Process for open a saving bank account in SBI

In SBI, you don’t need to visit a branch or anywhere. All process will proceed through online. It’s mean you don’t need to give your biometrics and your bank account will be opened in very less time. Here you will get a free physical RuPay debit card which will be used to withdraws and deposits money through ATM.

So, here is the step to open a saving bank account in Yono by SBI.

Step 1. Download and install YONO by SBI app from Google Play Store.

Step 2. Click on ‘I am new to SBI’.

Step 3. Select ‘Insta Saving Account’ and click on APPLY NOW.

Step 4. Provide your Email & Mobile Number and submit.

Step 5. Fill all the necessary information.

Step 6. After filling everything, your account will be opened shortly.

After opening an insta saving bank account, your RuPay debit card will be sent through the post.

Guys, this is the best way to open an online account but if you have any suggestion or any help then you can ask us by comment section.

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