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Hey guys. Welcome to Actualpost.com.

You are on the about page on my site and you want to know some about me. Yeah, alright, I am going to some tell about me. But before I will some tell about actualpost.

About Actualpost.com

Actualpost.com is a website where I share valuable information about WordPress, Blogging, Mobile, PC, Personal Development, Education and more exciting content. I wish that you will like it and also share your love with me and my site.

So the next question is-

Who am I?Mukesh Patel Dungarpur - About The Author

Friends, my name is Mukesh Patel and I am the founder of Actualpost.com. I am an 18-year-old hopeful and idealistic. I like to do that thing which gives me happiness and satisfaction.

So the next question is-

What things give me happiness?

That all things and work which helps others, give me happiness. Whenever I help others than I feel an amazing energy inside me which gives me more inspiration to do more.


These days, I am at the college level. I passed 12th from BSER in 2018. If you want to compare me with traditional education thinking, then I do not have an answer because I don’t believe that Education shows the success of anyone.

I think that only school and college syllabus is not enough as education. Education is that who give us hope and helps for doing something new. Who helps us when we are in problems, who gives new thinking for doing etc.

Who inspires me?

Everyone who guides and suggests to me. My mistakes play an important role in my life because they deliver me a new opportunity to do. Whenever someone asks me something, then I feel that I can do better than he has expected.

Thank you.

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