Top 5 things about SEO in Blogging that I learned

Top 5 things about SEO in blogging that I learned in two years. Five lessons that I learned about Blogging in SEO by writing for more than two years. See what?

Here are 5 things I learned about SEO in Blogging

I am blogging for more than two years, and in this period, I made many mistakes and learned many things from Them. Today I’m sharing my own experience and sharing those five things in SEO and blogging, which I learned on my own.

I’m Mukesh Patel, and I’m in blogging since I was 17. I made many mistakes and faced many problems because of the lack of technical and blogging knowledge. But after that, I never stopped, never tired, and never quit. Why? Because I love it and it is in my blood?.

Today I am sharing those lessons which I learned in SEO and Blogging — it all from me and my experience.

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Five things I learned about SEO in Blogging

1. Blogging Asks Blood

You give me blood; I’ll give you freedom.” This golden line of Subhash Chandra Boss can never be forgotten. This same line is also applicable here in blogging. Blogging is not that when your mind asks, you open your laptop, write something, and forget till next to your mood comes. Time changed, market changes, people changes; with this, blogging’s definition too changed. It is no more a hobby; it becomes a passion, work, business, and of course, a place where you can share knowledge and also can earn something. It may be money, name, and fame.

When you’re going to do something and thinking to get something from it, you need to feed that regularly. In our case, you need to write usually and give some time for it daily.

Update posts with time are can’t be ignored. The search engine likes fresh content. If your content is old and you’re not updating your blog on time, then you can lose traffic, revenue, and sales.

I’ve written an article on ‘how to write good content“, please check out this too because here, all knowledge for you is exclusively free for you. (Click here for Hindi version)

2. It takes time

I write a post at night, and I get one million views at next morning on it. Sorry, It only possible in a dream. It won’t happen in real life. It takes some time to see the result of your hard work in blogging. It can take weeks, months, and maybe years.

If you are not getting a positive effect, then don’t worry. Keep blogging, do writing, and keep learning. One day you will see the result, which your hard work deserves.

3. Don’t so worry about SEO

If you search on the internet on how to get traffic on a website, you will read about SEO and various SEO Tools.

Yes. We like SEO Tools. We start using and spend much time on it to get maximum traffic. But which tool do you use? There are many tools in the market. How many should you use? I would not say I like this.

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Of course, I use SEO tools, do keyword research. But not in all cases. SEO helps me to rank my post on Google, but I don’t use that all the tools that most people talk about that. I use Ahref for keyword research and backlink research. I do the rest of my work SEO manually.

4. Link Building is Optional

After keyword research, link building often comes up in SEO. Link building is an effective way to get a high rank in Google. But not in all cases. The backlink is an essential ranking factor in SEO. But Google gives priorities to them, which have quality content on their website, not who has a more significant number of backlinks.

So do focus on creating quality content, not for making more backlinks. Always take backlinks from quality and high domain authority websites.

5. Write Things That Help People

Instead of thinking about SEO and link building, think about what things you know that can solve people’s problems.

If you help people, people will help you. Social media is the best platform where you can know people’s problems. Ask your subscriber that what is the problem they are facing and think about the solution. This trick will not only help you to write quality content but also help you to earn more subscribers and traffic.

If you provide the best solution, Google will surely send you more traffic.

I see all SEO people suggest writing a long post that has a minimum of 1000 or more words to rank on Google. It is a great tip. Writing a long article can contain more information and describe it in more depth. They discourage you from writing more.

But if you write a ten lines post that can solve people’s problems that Google will send you more traffic. Google’s job is to find the best solution for the user. There work to find the best solution for the problem for the users.


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