3 Free tools for Monitor Website Uptime

How you can know when your website was gone down? Here are the best 3 Free Tools for Monitor Website Uptime so you can know when your website was down. So let discuss the 3 tools for monitor uptime of website.

Top Free Tools for Monitor Website Uptime

After reading this post, your question ‘how to monitor website uptime‘ will be gone away so keep reading.

Best Tools for Monitor Website Uptime

1. UptimeRobot.com

UptimeRobot is my first choice for Free Monitor website uptime. I can monitor up to 50 sites with a free account.

UptimeRobot - Monitor Website Uptime

Features of UptimeRobot.com –

  • Advanced notifications
  • Multiple types
  • Maintenance windows
  • Get alerted via e-mail, SMS, voice calls, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, push, etc.

2. Jetpack web monitoring

This free web monitoring feature is available for jetpack plugin user. This is free and more effective than others. It required to install the Jetpack plugin to use it. Jetpack is an official, awesome and recommended plugin by WordPress.

3. Uptrends

Uptrends monitor your website from multiple locations and notify you when your website went down.

Monitor Website Uptime

You will get this thing in the Uptrends‘s dashboard –

  • Total time is taken to load graph
  • Availability chart
  • Error breakdown by types